Nicholas Tee is a live artist working between Singapore and London. He collages action, image, sound and material through body-based performance, pain and endurance; his work is often politically charged, angry and messy.


Nicholas also curates Diaspora Disco – a performance club night that platforms East and Southeast Asian artists; his current research is in curatorial activism and the social practice of nightlife.

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‘Forgiveness is mad, and […] it must remain a madness of the impossible’
– Jacques Derrida, ‘On Forgiveness’


‘Making an apology […] is like initiating a first kiss. It demands bravery. It demands a willingness to be rebuffed, combined with a sturdy belief that the moment is right’
– Jay Rayner, ‘The Apologist’

Nicholas is currently looking for project participants for his new project titled 'i don't know how to say i'm sorry' 

– a video series premised on the question of how one begins to seek forgiveness.

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