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2017 Last of their Generation | Bhumi Collective | Edinburgh, Scotland

Nicholas was the Assistant Producer for Bhumi Collective's Last of their Generation which premiered at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2017 at ZOO Southside.

Last of their Generation is the debut solo-show from Singapore-UK theatre-maker, Mohamad Shaifulbahri. Known mainly as a producer, he will take to the stage by himself for the first time as he searches to fill a void in his life.  

Void deck [noun] An open space typically found on the ground floor of apartment blocks in Singapore.

On the day he is to return to London, following a visit back home to Singapore, he finds himself at the void deck of his apartment building torn between staying put in London or moving back to Singapore for good.


As he ponders this, the void deck triggers the memories and transience of the relationships he has with the people, places and things in his life.

“I am going but I am still here.”

Last of Their Generation is a reflection on first-generation immigrants in the 21st century and the state of being in-between the spaces and memories of wanting to move forward but feeling like having never truly left.


Click here for more information on this production.

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