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2016 Freshly Scratched | Battersea Arts Centre | London, UK

2016 Royal Central School of Speech and Drama | London, UK

subs is a live solo narration which explores notions of space. Pieced together through appropriated fragments of text from various sources, the work is a meditation on The Substation, an arts venue in Singapore undergoing gentrification and major change. Combined with looped vocals and recorded media, the work interweaves memories, anecdotes and reports from both the personal and social domains. Memory is called into question. Failure is considered. Space is invoked. Furthermore, the text is pieced together from my position as an artist in a different country reflecting on a space from home. It is a love letter to an arts centre from a different country and a different generation.

subs was first presented at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama in early 2016. An excerpt of it was chosen to be presented at Battersea Arts Centre's scratch night Freshly Scratched a few months later. 

Documentation by Daniel Wu

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