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The Rising (May 2018)

I spent two-weeks in Folkestone at ]performance s p a c e [ on an artist residency called The Rising for BAME artists. The Rising included a two week studio residency to develop artistic practice and professional development sessions with Tarik Elmoutawakil and Ria Hartley. Over the two weeks, I also collaborated with designer Helga Mendes DaFonseca-Shaw from Atelier Feralchild who helped me design and make a cape made out of gold leaf and more than 7kg of fresh Bird's Eye chillies. 

The residency concluded with a performance event where I crawled around Folkestone for 3 hours in the cape. After which, I returned to ]ps[ and wrote the phrase "谁是自己人?" on the window in my own shit. The performance concluded with a hotpot dinner where participants were invited to feed each other with extra long chopsticks.

Documentation by Manuel Vason & Bean.

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